"Making your Business the Success

You want it to be

which will

Give you the Lifestyle to which you aspire"


Peter Morton Consultancy

Many small and medium sized businesses share a common characteristic in that they are ambitious, wanting to grow and to increase their profitability.   As part of this process, they may wish to expand their core business, enter into different sectors, make an acquisition or engage in alliances and develop relationships with other organisations or funders which may result in the need to revise their existing business plan, develop a new one or produce a feasibility study.

Peter Morton uses his wide ranging experience of business to produce business plans which will meet the requirements of any funder.  He will as a part of the planning process go though a reality checking exercise with the client to confirm the viability of the proposition thereby saving time and money and avoiding any potential problems.

We specialise in the following services:


  • - Business survival strategies
  • - Maximising profits
  • - The Preparation of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • - Banking / Funding Support Services
  • - Break Even Analysis
  • - Preparation of Applications to Funders including Grant Aid Providers


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